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Hempseedy fibry 200 g
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The product is available in put-ups of 200g or 40 g or in chocolate coated ones, too)

There are 25 kinds of amino acids in the human body, among them 20 are protein-builders. In order to build up and re-form proteins and other nitrogenous components of the body amino acids are needed, provided by nutrional proteins. Protein need therefore means amino acid need. Approximately 14-16% protein and 0,1% free amino acid content is present in the human system.

Positive effects of amino acids:

They lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, help to avoid cardiovascular disorders, plus lower blood-pressure. In case of obesity they help to restore ideal body weight by discharging superflual fats from the system. They strengthen immune system. They stimulate cerebral functions, too. Their ordinary consumption basically supports the human body.

Effects of hempseed fibres : they help to prevent cancer, lower ageing processes, support vision, recommended in case of iron deficiency, hyperacidity, but it has got some antiphlogistic properties, too. Regulates blood sugar levels, lipid metabolism, strengthens vein-walls, connective tissue system of lungs, digestive system, besides preventing dental caries and supporting protection of dental enamel. In addition to all these properties, it protects collagen metabolism and supports the immune system.

Fibre-rich nutrients are indispensable for the healthy functioning of the digestive system, as unabsorbable elements constitute the ballast material which, filling the intestines, ensures continuous transition of intestinal contents. Fibre-rich foodstuffs on the other hand contain vitally essential vitamins and minerals, too.

Nutrients with fibre content are basic vitamin D sources of humans, as vitamin A and E, moreover essential trace minerals are contained by most of them. These essential trace minerals inhibit the generation of malignous processes and help to prevent them.

Due to their content, blood-circulation disorders are decreased and ageing processes are inhibited by them. Their vitally important components are vitamins A and E and selenium, but they contain significant amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper an chromium as well, moreover besides all the vitamins of the B-group, folic acid is found in them, too.

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