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Hempseed-oil 500 ml
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Hempseed – The myriad-minded plant

The „double-faced” fats

While one kind of fats definitely fattens and causes metabolism disorders, arteriosclerosis, cardiac infarction, obesity, liver and gall-bladder function disorders, arthritis, joint diseases or even tumour formation, the other type inhibits the formation of the same illnesses or might help to cure the already existing diseases.

We cannot live without fresh air and nutriments the way we cannot live without fatty acids either!

The very simple way how to use hempseed-oil. As hempseed-oil is very tasty, you can use it during daily meals by pouring a tablespoonful of it onto your food or mix it into your favourite drink. It is excellent with boiled or steamed/stewed vegetables, salads, or even butter can be substituted with it, or you can just sip it.

Fats, besides proteins and carbohydrates, are some of the most important building materials of the body. Having very high unsaturated fatty acid content, right in the proportion that is uniquely convenient to the human body. They inhibit adiposity, metabolic disturbances, arteriosclerosis, cardiac infarction, organ-obesity, liver or gall-bladder function disorders, arthritis, joint disorders or tumour formation as well. It contains the highest amount of essential fatty acids in the vegetable kingdom that are unproduceable by the human body, so they need to be taken in by nutrition. These essential fatty acids are responsible for the immune responses, they purify the cardiovascular system from deposits/plaques. With high omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid content.

Hempseed contains all the proteins, essential fatty acids and nutritional fibres that are needed by people to be able to survive for long weeks in critical conditions (e.g. an intensive slimming diet). Among more than 3 million edible plants living on Earth there isn't another one that could be compared to hempseed regarding its nutritional values. Proteins of hempseed contain all the 8 essential fatty acids that are indispensable to life and are easily digestible.

Hempseed is an ideal source of all the essential fatty acids, e.g. Omega-3 fatty acids or also called alfa-linolenic acid, plus omega-6 fatty acids or linoleic acid. Hempseed also contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which has got a serious therapeutic power.

Amino acids have an outstanding importance for living beings, being the building stones of protein molecules. 25 kinds of amino acids can be found in the human body, 20 of them participate in protein-building. Amino acids necessary to build up proteins and other nitrogen-containing components of the body or the amino acids needed to rebuild them are provided by nutritional proteins. Positive effects of hempseed:

- Lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels, helps to prevent cardiac and cardiovascular disorders, lowers blood-pressure.

-. In case of obesity it helps to restore the ideal body-weight, discharges superflual fat from the body.

- Strengthens the immune system.

- Stimulates cerebral functions (protein replacement in the brain).

By consuming it ordinarily it helps the body prevent or correct malignous alterations. Among the 3 million plants living on Earth there isn't another one which could be compared to nutritional values of hempseed.

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