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Crystal oil „Classic” 10 ml
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Crystal oil

It influences capillaries, muscles, bones, joints. Use it for antispasmodic, pain-killing, tension-releasing or tranquillizing, harmonizing or enlivening purposes.

Bioactive, enhanced painkiller effect of the product is guaranteed by crystals solved in sun-distilled and pressed vegetal essences.

The oil gets in touch with the skin directly, active ingredients of oils gained from medicinal plants get into the bloodstream, muscles, bones or joints exerting its tension-releasing, antispasmodic and tranquillizing effect in the affected area.

A mixture of essences provides a breeding ground for crystals which are able to alternate to the frequency of the crystals and besides displaying their own effects can radiate the specific energy needed to a healthy cellular functioning for longer periods.

Due to a special technology the product gets absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin in a short time, helping assimilation of the active ingredients as soon as possible. Crystal oil offers a wide spectrum of application through its active ingredients, its everyday use fills us with bright and enlivening energies.

It can be applied successfully in case of rheumatic disorders, osteosclerosis, disc degeneration/ arthrites, inflammations and to relieve pain caused by these ailments. Besides it is excellent to treat headache, allergy, migraine or menorrhalgia. Its antispasmodic, heart conditioning, circulation enhancing, cellular regenerator, disinfectant and antivirus properties are well-known, too. It can be applied in treatments of ulcers/sores, varicose veins, psoriasis os shingles as well. It is excellent for making refreshing baths or massages, too.

Use of Crystal oil: clean the skin surface to be treated as well as possible, then dry it completely. Rub the affected area 3-4 times a day, smearing the oil smoothly, then repeat the same movements without applying any more oil onto the skin.

You will feel the relief after the symptoms or they will stop completely.

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