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Silver shampoo 230 ml
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2.7 € / 2 bp
Silver Shampoo

Enriched with 84 kinds of minerals and trace minerals

It guarantees you the necessary essential minerals and trace minerals needed for your hair and scalp, purifying mildly, radically and deeply. It preserves the flexibility of your skin, inhibiting its chapping. Greatly reduces the number of pathogenic organisms on your scalp, unpleasant symptoms (dandruff, itching, abrasions, etc.) might be prevented by its use. It removes dead epidemic cells, reduces static clinging of the hair, therefore your hair can be combed much better. Gives a healthy shine, plentifulness and strength to your hair. It can be used frequently, too.

Application: Make a foam on your wet hair, then massage into the scalp. Rinse a few minutes later.

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