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Cyto Flavin 7 capsules 90 pcs.
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A complex of vegetal flavonoids and enzymes (wheat-germ, broccoli-germ, alfalfa-germ) with outstanding synergic anti-tumour effects.

The power of flavonoids can provide a great help for people suffering tumorous diseases and as a complementary cure simultaneously with traditional treatments, in order to reduce side-effects of chemotherapies or to prevent tumour conditions.

Flavonoids are secondary or metabolism by-products of plants capable of photosynthesis. Flavonoids belong to the group of polyphenol type chemical substances.

Flavonoid content of capsules is a lyophilised concentrate of fruits of FLAVIN7.

Flavonoids effect mainly inside the digestive and circulatory systems and are absorbed in the intestines. The flavonoid type substances bind free radicals and have an antioxidant power.

(Antioxidants are stable molecules that bind unstable oxidants neutralizing them. Oxidants have always been associated with heart diseases or early ageing.

Excellent physiological effects of flavonoids have been proved by several international and national clinical and laboratory examinations.

What should we know about enzymes?

–They are proteins which speed up the chemical reactions taking place in our body (by catalyzing them).

–Three thousand enzymes have been discovered in the human system so far.

–Enzymes participate in 36 million biochemical processes in a single minute.

–At birth people already possess a given quantity of them, however, just like in case of vitamins, we need to supplement them continuously.

–But, contrarily to the vitamins, enzymes can only be produced in living organisms.

–Our best resource of enzymes are vegetal germs.

From a small grain, as to the effect of humidity and heat, a new life is bursting forth with a huge energy. Grains contain a great amount of ENZYMES necessary to grow up a plant and this quantity is even more increased during the germination period!

Our health depends on the fact whether there is enough amount of enzymes in our body!

Medical treatments, undernourishment or illnesses can burn up a huge amount of our enzyme reserves, so as time goes by, the balance is slackened and our system is more prone to serious diseases.

The germs contain all the necessary components our body needs to keep healthy.

When a grain develops into a germ, its vitamin C content swells up to 27 times as much, its carotine content will be 200% more after a 2 hour period of germination than before, and its vitamin B content rises by 50%. Its vitamin E content grows by 120%.

Bio-germs contain 25% more energy than meat, however they do not have a fattening effect.


Its hydroquinon-glucoside content inhibits the formation of cancer or its growth. It is mentioned as the most powerful plant in conquering colon and stomach cancers and it might have an outstandingly important role in overcoming prostate, rectum, gullet, lung or bladder cancers, too.

Wheat germ

It was already used in ancient Egypt and in popular medicine because of its well-known roborant, invigorating, purifying/detoxifying and anti-tumour power.


Its vegetal estrogen content might help people in preventing breast cancer, inflammation of colon/colitis, as their curative nutriment.