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DigestMix Intenzyme capsules 250 pcs.
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Most enzymes are destroyed during the preparation of meals, so digestive enzymes are missing from ready-made meals. As a consequence, the whole digestion falls to the share of the body and might lead to digestive disorders.
Enzymes are indispensable elements of the digestive process.
As soon as food is taken into the mouth enzymes start to decompose nutrients immediately. This process goes on until nutrients can get absorbed by the intestinal wall.

Carbonhydrate decomposing enzymes:
Decomposition of carbonhydrates is performed by several enzymes. Amilase enzyme does partial decomposition of starch. Glycoamilase effects at the end of the molecule chain of starch, while amilase enables decomposition of inner bonds.
Many people face digestive problems after consuming fruits, vegetables or cereals, as we are unable to digest fibres contained by them, we have no enzymes in our bodies to break down cellulose, therefore cellulose gets into the intestines in unchanged form where internal bacteria start to decompose fibres.
As a consequence of the fermentation gas formation, abdominal discomfort sensation might appear.

Cellulase found in the product transforms cellulose into glucose, greatly contributing this way to the breaking down of fibres found in the cellular walls of fruits, vegetables and cereals. In order to be able to utilize lactose it should break it down first. There are two ways to do this: lactose is decomposed by lactase enzyme in the small intestine, following this its sugar components are absorbed. The other way is this: bacteria found in the bowels get lactose immediately or ferment it. In case of people who do not have enough lactase in their sysem, the bacterial way is used. The indigested lactose however passes to the further parts of the intestinal tract. Therefore pain, flautulence, spasms, burping or diarrhoea might occur.

Proteolytic enzymes:
Protease enzymes in food are able to split inner bonds of proteins on an acid pH medium. Therefore decomposition of proteins start already in the stomach, then continues in the small intestine where mainly proteases produced by the system itself take over the leading role.
Proteolytic enzymes are able to support proteolysis efficiently.

Lipase enzymes to break down greases:
Lipase is an enzyme that decomposes fats into fatty acids and converts them into glycerine. During digestion of greases liposoluble nutrients, vitamins will become able to get absorbed and utilized through the intestinal mucous membrane. Behind absorption disorders of liposoluble vitamins there is usually the perfect digestion of fats.

Vegetal components:
Peppermint: its active ingredients soon mitigate nausea, vomiting, stomach tympanities, stomach and intestinal colic and stomach disorders of nervous origin, too. It facilitates emptying of the bile from the gall-bladder, having antispasmodic and carminative effects.
Anise (Pimpinella anisum): originates from the Mediterranean region, it was used in ancient times, too. It is also used as an appetizer, stimulating digestion, a carminative medium useful against biliary disorders as well.

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