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Flaviol Pumpkin-seed-germ oil 10ml
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Pumpkin-seed-germ oil

A special, excellent quality oil cold-pressed from pumpkin-seed-germ.

Outstanding nutritional values of pumkin-seed-germ are due to their very high magnesium, potassium, low sodium, significant vitamin E, B1 and B2 contents. Therefore pumpkin-seed-germ oil deserves a special attention in realizing healthy nutrition, first of all in case of bladder and prostate diseases.

- Pumkin-seeds have been well-known for ages in peasant medicine, because several diseases can be prevented by its consumption.

- Their blood-purifying effect is due to their essential fatty acid content, so they might be an excellent antidote to gout. Essential oils stimulate the absorption of vtiamin A.

- Prostatits or prostatic hypertrophy are quite frequent nowadays, pumpkin-seed consumption offers an efficient solution to that.

Recommended use:

10-20 drops daily, for direct use or to enhance the quality of other oils used for frying, cooking or salad making.