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Flaviol grape-stone oil 10ml
Article number: 181
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Grape-stone oil

An excellent quality oil cold-pressed from red grape-stones.

Grape-stones, besides having excellent nutritional-physiological values and poly-unsaturated fatty acids, possess a strong antioxidant power. They are useful in case of rheumatic and joint disorders. They inhibit ageing processes.

Grape-stones belong to the antioxidants that are able to pass through blood-brain barrier (? - M.M.), protecting brain-cells from destructive power of free radicals. They moderate cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of artheriosclerosis formation. They help in keeping joints healthy, too. Their ordinary use helps to preserve healthy eyes of people for instance working with computers. It reduces significantly inflammations and protects the digestive system as well.

Recommended use: 10-20 drops daily, consumed directly or to improve the quality of other oils used for frying, cooking or salad making.